Terraoil Brent Ticker Integration
Terraoil together with CM-Equity to launch a double-digit million EUR funding through security tokens
Terraoil Swiss AG (TOS), the upstream oil and gas company based in Switzerland and operating in Albania, has contracted CM-Equity AG (CM), a leading financial service provider for digital assets and financings and is to prepare a public prospectus for the issuance of a double digit million Euro financing via a tokenized convertible bond. The security tokens, which are intended to be offered in multiple European countries are issued and managed by a smart contract that is programmed on the blockchain.

Crypto assets – also called digital assets – are both cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin) and security tokens that represent a financial instrument used for public financings. Digital assets have gained wide attention in recent years and now regulatory frameworks exist that not only underline the growing importance of the space but enable a fast-paced adoption in traditional financial markets.

With regard to the Swiss market – the FINMA has granted two banks a full banking license, which accept cryptocurrencies as payment and also support cryptocurrency transactions. TOS has opened a corporate account with one of these banks, to execute on the innovative opportunities of the digital capital markets.

The tokenization or securitization of common financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, options, etc. on the blockchain offers a multitude of additional opportunities compared to cryptocurrencies per se. In this respect, the current status in terms of national regulation is different in many countries, however, fully harmonized within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland as an exemption.

In Germany, the regulator BaFin allows the tokenization of bonds, including convertible bonds, provided a full prospectus is submitted to and approved by the regulator. Then, the prospectus can be passported to 27 countries within the EEA in a standardized manner and enables a possible European-wide public offering.

July 2020