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An international oil and gas exploration and production company

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Terraoil owns and operates conventional oil fields located in a prolific region onshore western Albania.

Terraoil has established a strong foothold in Albania since 2011 with the operational takeover and Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) of the Visoka oilfield. Since then, Terraoil has produced over one million barrels of oil just from Visoka. This impressive entrepreneurial performance motivated the Albanian government to select Terraoil as the best foreign investor by the Albanian government in 2016. Terraoil is currently adjusting its strategy for the pandemic environment and has recently made several decisions by the Board of Directors. This has led Terraoil to implementing an acquisition and development strategy to increase production of 2P reserves to over 20,000 bopd over the next few years. Terraoil is screening additional producing oil and gas acquisition targets in Europe and Eurasia.


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Annual General Meeting of Terraoil Swiss AG: 22 October 2020

Terraoil Swiss AG will hold the 9th AGM on the 22 October 2020 at the Theater Casino Zug, Artherstrasse 2-4, 6300 Zug. Now that the invitations to the registered shareholders have been sent out, including relevant information for the proceedings, the BoD is looking forward to a productive meeting, within the relevant restrictions and guidelines of the Bundesamt für Gesundheit (BAG).

The Board and management of Terraoil consider an in-person meeting with shareholders and the traditional opportunity to have individual discussions important in communicating the recent progress of the Company.

Terraoil will take all precautions to provide for the restrictions imposed in Switzerland due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Shareholders attending are expected to comply with the national and local guidelines accordingly.